Monday, July 6, 2009

What does Tweet about? Take a look...

Today marks 3 months of Tweeting by  We took our 1000+ tweets & made tag clouds with

Here's three different ways to view the words we tweeted the most.

You can see we use #hashtags LAUSD & UTLA a lot. Both are short & commonly used tags for RSS feeds.

Also, we tweet a lot in the afternoons and evenings, hence the PM.  

There were a lot of tweets in May and June, not so many in April (and July's just begun).

We retweet a lot, which explains the big "RT".  You can also see some of the people we've retweeted or tweeted at.

You can also see some of the campaigns we've been involved in, particularly our collective grassroots mapping project at & the Hunger Strike (LAhungry4ED), among others.

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