Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday, August 14, 2009

Yolie Flores Aguilar's POSTCARD from Brazil...

Must be nice to vacation in Brazil, 
while so many of us are doing the stay-cation thing.

Here's Janet of Echo Park yet again:
upcoming POSTCARD From Yolie Flores Aguilar, enjoying Rio de Janeiro & Sao Paulo
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And a remix of Yolie's tweet (from weeks ago?)
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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Villaraigosa's Pre-emptive success poster Remixed...

Janet of Echo Park strikes again...she writes:
There's a poster at bus stations all around [Los Angeles] and attached to the fence across from the LA Times building entrance, applauding Mayor Villaraigosa for eliminating coal energy by 2020.  So, 11 years of pre-emptive success?

Well, there's a better idea for the poster...
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here's the original poster:
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LAUSD Revised Schedule of TownHall Meetings

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Video: Aurora Ponce receives scholarship & speaks

NBC Ch4 August 11, 2009 - Presents Aurora Ponce her Scholarship

glad Channel 4 was there, but some corrections: (not UTLA) is who presented the over-sized check of $1683.34 from it's successful Twitter-based scholarship fundraiser. UTLA later provided its own scholarship of $1000. 

Also, due to community outrage, Aurora was in fact able to give her Valedictorian speech at her graduation from Annenberg High School (The Accelerated School). 

Monday, August 10, 2009

Press Release: Scholarship for Aurora Ponce

F O R   I M M E D I A T E   R E L E A S E

LOS ANGELES, CA - August 10, 2009 
A scholarship of over $ 1680 will be delivered to Ms. Aurora Ponce as the result of a successful fundraiser on Twitter and Facebook led by the Team. 

WHEN: Tomorrow, Tuesday August 11 at 10AM. 
WHERE: Entrance to The Accelerated School, 4000 S. Main Street, Los Angeles (corner of King Blvd and Main St) MAP: 
PRESS CONTACT: Jose Lara, Teacher at Santee, cell: 714-864-0543 

Tomorrow a check of over $1680 will be presented to Aurora Ponce for her courageous work in defense of education. The event is organized by Parent Leaders of The Accelerated School and ACORN. 

Jose Lara, Teacher at Santee Educational Complex (one of the Leaders of the recent hunger strike, "Hungry For A Better Education") will represent for the presentation of the check. 

Ms. Ponce was punished by The Accelerated School (where she was class Valedictorian) for protesting peacefully against the budget cuts, increased class sizes and teacher layoffs. 

Among other punishments, they took away her summer job, which she needed to buy books for her freshman year in college, which she is starting this Fall at UC Davis.

86% of the scholarship donations come from Public School Teachers. This is a powerful statement that our teachers care deeply about our students. 

Aurora Ponce was punished publicly, and in response, teachers and community members have stood up publicly in her defense. In this effort hopes to counter any chilling effect on student activists. 

We also hope the message is heard loud and clear: if a student dares to defend what is just or criticize what is unjust, the community will stand with her.

# # #

Comunicado de Prensa: una Beca para Aurora Ponce

P A R A    D I F U S I O N    I N M E D I A T A

LOS ANGELES, CA - 10 de Agosto, 2009
QUÉ: Una beca de mas de $1680 se entregará a la Srta Aurora Ponce de la exitosa recaudación de fondos que se hizo por Twitter y Facebook liderada por el equipo de 

CUÁNDO: Mañana, martes 11 de agosto a las 10AM. 
DONDE: Entrada a la Escuela Acelerada, 4000 S. Main Street, Los Angeles (esquina de King Blvd y Main St) MAPA: 
 Jose Lara, maestro de Santee, celular: 714-864-0543

Mañana se entregará a Aurora Ponce un cheque por más de $1680 por su valiente labor en defensa de la educación. El evento es organizado por padres líderes de la Escuela Acelerada y ACORN. 

El maestro de Santee Educational Complex, Jose Lara (uno de los lideres de la reciente huelga de hambre, L.A. Hungry For A Better Education) representará a para la entrega del cheque. 

Srta Ponce fue castigada por la Escuela Acelerada por protestar pacíficamente contra los recortes presupuestarios, el aumenta del tamaño de las clases y los despedidos de maestros. 

Entre otros castigos, se le quitaron su trabajo de verano, lo cual ella necesitaba para comprar libros para la universidad en el otoño (UC Davis). 

Un 86% de las donaciones de la beca provienen de maestros de escuelas públicas. Esta es una poderosa afirmación de que nuestros maestros se preocupan profundamente por nuestros estudiantes. 

Aurora Ponce fue castigada públicamente. En respuesta, los maestros y miembros de la comunidad se han parado a su defensa. En esperamos que este esfuerzo contrarresta cualquier efecto negativo (chilling effect) sobre los estudiantes activistas. 

Esperamos que el mensaje se escuche alto y claro: si un(a) estudiante se atreve a defender lo que es justo o criticar lo injusto, la comunidad estará con ella.