Tuesday, September 21, 2010

HUMOR: Waiting For Superman?


  1. Exactly the way it is. Thanks for telling the truth. I have waited for Superman for 15 years, and finally said no more. No more waiting for all kids to get a good education. No more 55 hour weeks, no more talking to administrators who don't listen or support me. No more parents telling me that when their child acts out, cuts class, or violates the law that it is my fault.
    If Superman was coming, he would have arrived a long time ago.

  2. Well, I'm Mexican and I believe in "El Chapulin Colorado" which is our Mexican hero. He has no powers but the people behind him that support, encourage and even push him to do something. Although he refuse to take action- because he is so afraid to do anything- people behind him says "yes you can." When the "chapulin" says "No I can't" people continuously remind him that "yes he can" but if he just don't show any movement that all; people scream at him "RIGHT AWAY" and then he jumps and take action.
    This is my hero. A fragile little person, more agile than a turtle, stronger than a mouse, nobler than lettuce, his shield is a heart... It's the Red Grasshopper! A real person that come out from everywhere, nowhere, anywhere, When someone says "who will help me now?"
    This is my hero the kind of person that take the step forward hurting himself but doing his best in proving that he could support anything and everything to help his people.
    Superman???? It just another invention to keep us busy, day dreaming and freeze. We need a human being a real human to take action and that hero is noone but ourselves. We are the ones that we were waiting for....
    Love Martha Sanchez Parent at Southeast Los Angeles and community organizer.


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